A digital currency, namely cryptocurrency, is designed as a medium of exchange using strong cryptography. Can secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify asset transfers. A decentralized crypto market emerged without the support of a central authority.

Get to know the Crypto Market
In the digital era like today, it’s no wonder that many electronic currencies have developed in the midst of society. With this digital currency, people can use it for virtual transactions or what is commonly called internet-based networks. Its security is also guaranteed because it is protected by quite complex passwords.

As previously…

Do you know what Ethereum is? This technology is also a cryptocurrency that is developing in Indonesia as it is today. If you’ve heard of Bitcoin, this technology is actually very similar to Bitcoin. In simple terms the goal of this technology is to become the world’s computer.

What is Ethereum?
It is a public peer-to-peer network or Blockchain with its own digital currency known as Ether. Ether is also traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. As with other digital currencies, Ether can have exchange rates that can be traded with other cryptocurrencies. Where is used to pay for network computing. …

Crypto World in the digital era as it is currently growing. Moreover, virtual transactions using digital money are commonplace. So it is not surprising that many people are interested in investing in this cryptocurrency.

Getting to know Crypto World
Previously you need to understand what cryptocurrency is, which is a digital currency that is used for virtual transactions on the internet network. With secret passwords that are quite complex and serve to protect and maintain the security of the digital currency. This digital currency is decentralized so that it is different from conventional central currencies.

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Nowadays, digital marketing technology is increasingly being used. The payment system has also changed to be faster, more effective, and also safer. One of them you can use Altcoins.

For some people, maybe this digital asset sounds less familiar. In fact, by using this digital asset, you will get an easier transaction and payment process.

What are Altcoins?
This digital asset is another cryptocurrency that has officially launched after the success of Bitcoin. In general, they offer themselves as a much better alternative to Bitcoin.

This digital asset is basically different from Bitcoin in several ways. Besides that, it also…

Bitcoin Technology has long been heard in the midst of digital developments as it is today. Lots
people who are enthusiastic about transacting or investing in one type of cryptocurrency
the. With a tantalizing advantage due to the increase in valuation over time,
it is not surprising that many are interested in this digital money.

Bitcoin Technology As Digital Money This technology is a new currency or it can also be called digital money was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Mainly used in transactions on the internet without using intermediaries, so you can say that you don’t use bank…

Do you know what Blockchain is? Maybe some people still feel unfamiliar with this one technology. In general, it can be interpreted as a digital book. Where every transaction will be recorded and secured in many databases that are widespread on computers.

What is Blockchain? In its simplest terms, this technology is a series of data records and is managed by a group of computers that do not have a single entity. Each of these data blocks is secured and tied to one another using cryptographic principles. This technological network does not have a central authority, so it is the…

I-Pro Token

is as a Way of investment fluctuation by becoming a pioneer of stable assets in the world, by protecting these assets by rising without falling

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